Park Protector Awards 2014

Recognising exceptional projects in National Parks

2011 Award winner, Traditional Boundaries Traditional Skills

Our Park Protector Awards recognise, reward and celebrate exceptional projects or individuals that have made a lasting contribution to the protection, restoration or conservation of the National Parks of England and Wales.

2014 Awards – Nominations are now open!

We are delighted to announce that for the first time we will be presenting two Awards in 2014, with bursaries of £2,000 and £1,000 to develop exceptional projects or initiatives.

We are looking for nominations of projects in one or more of the National Parks in England and Wales which:

~ Conserve or contribute to the biodiversity of an area

~ Restore the natural or built heritage of an area, or

~ Help successfully protect an area

You can nominate yourself, or be nominated by someone else by filling out the nomination form below. The two winners will receive Award certificates and project development bursaries of £2,000 and £1,000 on a first and second place basis. Winners will also be invited to attend the Awards event and the projects will be publicised on our website and in our newsletters.

Further information about nominating a project. 

Download the nomination form now.

Nomiations close on Monday 28 April 2014.

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Previous Award-winners

2013 winner, Woollenlines (Huw Price)Read about the nominations and the 2013 winning project, Woollenlines. Based in the Brecon Beacons, Woollenlines uses lines of wool to protect peat from erosion, joining local communities together in the process. Four other projects were particularly commended; Derbyshire Wildlife Trust weekend volunteers, ‘Hay Time’ meadows conservation in the Yorkshire Dales, the Traditional Estates Craft Apprenticeship project on the North York Moors, and the John Muir Award in Cumbria.

The 2011 Award-winner was Northumberland National Park’s outstanding project, Traditional Boundaries, Traditional Skills. The project stood out because it skilfully combined conservation with job creation, restoring the fragile landscape and creating a legacy of employable traditional skills in the rural north east. The five year project was a tremendous success, with 80% of trainees now in employment. The Award bursary is being used to extend the project so that more young people can benefit through work placements.

It is fantastic to get this award and reinforces our commitment to continuing to look for opportunities to support rural communities and the local economy in and around Northumberland National Park

                                                                                                   Derek Proudlock, Northumberland National Park.

Our supporters

The Park Protector Awards are sponsored by HF Holidays and the Ramblers Holiday's Charitable Trust.

HF Holidays

HF Holidays operates in all of the National Parks in England and Wales. It is committed to responsible tourism and was the inaugural sponsor of the Park Protector Award.


RHCTThe Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust (RHCT) is a registered charity supported and funded by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. It sponsors projects promoting walking, protecting footpaths and encouraging a greater awareness of the natural environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all who want to explore the Great Outdoors.


Park Protector Club

The Awards are also supported by the Park Protector Club, a group of committed individuals and businesses. Find out how you can join and support the Awards here.